Using Specimens View

Using Specimens View

The Specimens tab in the top menu offers a tabular view of specimens/observations recorded in the Ethoikos Biodiversity Database.

The three tabs The Specimen/Observation table view is organized i three tabs: "Specimen", "Collection" and "Miscellaneous". Each row represents a photo, an observation or a physical specimen in our collection. Each record (row) can be identified across the three tabs by its "Catalogue number" present in the first column on all three tabs.

Specimen: contains, among others, the taxonomic name of the Species (if the species has been identified), collection date, location and collector. Clicking the link in the "Specimen" column will open the page for this specimen/observation.

Collection: contains additional information such as the "Field number" (collection event identifier), name of person who identified the specimen and field notes. These fields may be empty.

Miscellaneous: contains links to any media files attached to the record, number of individuals collected as specimens (if more than one), and remarks. These fields are usually empty.

Filtering rows

  • The empty fields under the row headers can be used to filter the database records. Search fields are only available for fields that can be filtered.
  • Records can be filtered by criteria in several fields.
  • If the row with search fields is not visible then click on the magnifying glass in the top right corner to make it appear (se figure below):

Search examples:

  • Finding specimens/observations belonging to a species or a genus:  Enter all or part of the scientific name in the search field under "Taxonomic Name". Searching for the Genus Vanessa will yield records for two species: Vanessa cardui and Vanessa atalanta. Searching for Vanessa atalanta or atalanta will only yield records of this species.
  • Finding specimens from a location: Enter the first letters or the complete name of the location in the search field under "Location"
  • Finding specimens by collection event:  Each specimen/observation record has a Field number value which defines the collection event. A collection event is defined by its unique combination of Date, Location and Collector. To filter all specimens/observations from a collection event enter the Field number in the search field under "Field number" (the "Collection" tab).
  • Finding specimens by date: Enter the complete or partial date formatted as yyyy-mm-dd. Entering 2012-07-02 in the field "Date collected" will find all records from 2 February, 2012. Entering 2012-07 will find all records from July 2012. Entering  -02- will find all records from the month of February regardless of year.
  • Download found records: You can download your found records by clicking on the Export icon in the bottom right corner of the view:  


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