Fauna Checklist La Selva

Researchers at Corbaiola carry out surveys and collection activities in order to draw up checklists of the flora and fauna in La Selva Forest Complex. The fauna collection at Corbaiola contains several thousand specimens, mainly invertebrates.

Fauna Checklist La Selva: List of animal species recorded within the limits of La Selva Forest Complex. Click on species names to open their pages. Species pages links to media and specimen/observation records.    Download checklist in English English      Download checklist in Italian Italiano

Marco Di Domenico (2009-2011) and Nicholas Moray Williams (2011- ), Fondazione Ethoikos have been responsible for collection, preparation and determination at different taxonomic level of most specimens, and the drawing up of the present checklist. This is a continuing activity.
Several experts have kindly assisted in the determination of some invertebrate specimens. We are especially grateful to: Marco Lucarelli, Massimo Di Rao and Stefano De Felici, Università degli Studi di Roma Tor Vergata; Giuseppe Manganelli, Università di Siena; Antonio Romano, CNR Istituto per la Bioeconomia; Raniero Panfili.

All specimen/observation data on this site are managed at Fondazione Ethoikos in a customized version of the excellent Mantis database application developed by Piotr Naskrecki, Harvard University.

We thank the Scratchpads project and its sponsors for providing this web-based platform to share our data.

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